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Winwineconomics360 - Buy From A Cause

What is a "for cause" brand?

There are some brands that exist primarily to support a cause that supports a public interest . Revenues from these brands are used to  make huge donations in cash or kind or running empowerment programs that make measurable differences to people's life.

Here we are not talking about corporates who funnel sales by promising to donate some minor part of their sales but brands held by corporates and NGO's whose very objective is to use all the entire profit for a noble and elevating cause.

We are again not talking about buying cheap unusable products and services. We are not talking here about making disguised charity. Rather we are talking about giving priority in our life to products and services that deliver quality, whose pricing is comparable to their nearest competition and the lion share of their profits go towards a public good. It is a complete win-win deal.

Why should I give preference to a "for cause" brand?

As long as there is no compromise in your consumer experience and expectation, why would you not shift your consumption to "for cause" brand? Why would you not make your expenditure count for more? You loose nothing and the world gains. What a natural, effortless and integrated way to make a difference!

We see two questions that may need addressing here.

1. Can a non-profit organisation deliver on the promise of quality and efficiency?

It is believed that a non-profit organisations or corporates with such philanthropic ideas usually are not structured and efficient enough to deliver on the promise of quality and efficiency. Well, this has been the case till quite lately. But now the situation is rapidly changing.

The learning and integration curves have become considerably shortened due to the opportunities provided by the explosion of information technology and in specific the world wide web. Ability to outsource  key business processes instead of hiring full-time professional talent, ability to connect directly with customers, knowledge at fingertips etc are  assets that such organisations now have which enables them to  play in the same field as the big boys. Some such noble-minded organisations have started to spread their wings to create avenues to raise funding, in an effort to go beyond charity.

2. How do we know that all or most of their profits go towards the cause that they say they are supporting?

Now, that is a tough one as only the element of  trust can finally seal up this question. Anyone seeking to support and recommend products or services from such organisation should try to put up their due diligence report, the activity reports of the organisation and also testimonials from some eminent people. Certifications enjoyed by the owner of these brands and report from an independent auditor of repute may add up. Example, quality branded products run by NGOs (section 12 A, certified) would prima facie qualify for a recommendation here.

What will be our role here?

We shall recommend quality "for cause" goods and services,

a. In a private context contribute at least 50% of their profits towards the public cause they stand for.

b. Products and services from registered and genuine NGO (Example Those holding the Section 12A certification under the  Indian Income Tax Act)

So are we ready to Buy from a cause?

Begin by registering yourself with this blog to enable us to include you in our list of people who are ready to make their expenditure count.

Winwineconomics360 - One For All and All For one

Is this possible?
 Is this call to the human fraternity actionable? Can there be an economic way of life that is balanced in the sense that it promotes both inclusiveness and  individual ambitions? Is it possible that we accept the paradigm that selfishness and selflessness are both important for the human society to flourish? Can we evolve to a level where the motivation to work efficiently arises from an interest in the self and also from the interest in the welfare of the other? The idea is to achieve “we growth”, of which “I” is also an important part.

The acceptable band:

Wise men have said that the inequalities of income and wealth are fine and natural, as long as it operates within a band. Lower the spread of the spectrum lower the inequalities. Determining the optimum area of this spread is definitely subjective and contextual. However whatever the spread of the spectrum, it should be narrow enough to ensure that no one in the world is denied opportunities to earn for himself the basics of life :- nutritious food, clean clothing, basic shelter, access to basic education and health services. No one should be living a life of forced depravity.

The way forward:

There needs to be a widespread awareness and acceptance of this principle of inclusive growth. It must emerge from within the human heart as a new approach to our economic problem of resource allocation and wealth distribution. Legislation should never be the primary reason to usher in this change. Use of force in such matters does not work and usually only leads to more distress within the system. We need to strike a balance between reduction of inequalities and incentivising the spirit initiative and enterprise.

From the perspective of private enterprise, it is about seeking your growth by first making the people below you grow. Many leading “change” managers of the modern era have considered this principle as key to inspirational leadership.

From the perspective of  direct intervention, it is about investing in sustainable empowerment programs that improve the abilities of the people to earn more for themselves. Charity comes rather low in the order. Charity as a means to immediate relief is fine but is definitely not a sustainable long term solution.

Our Role:

We will inform you of some opportunities to support the idea of inclusive growth by buying and endorsing quality products and services emerging from such an environment.

There are many community self-development and empowering programs run by NGO’s that can help you make your money count .We will also suggest a few.

It is said that true change begins with the human heart. When the feelings in the heart towards a particular situation or a person have changed and the same is further supported by efforts to manifest those feelings through concrete action, that is the point when we can claim that the person has truly changed. A mere intellectual agreement will not go very far. The need of the hour is, therefore, something that will change our hearts and motivate us to take further action in line with that change. I endorse heartfulness meditation as one such effective means that amongst other things make us tune in with our inner Nature. I am sure there are others and we would like to hear from them too.

Your participation:

This thought about achieving inclusive growth by balancing self-interest and selflessness and by first bringing the change within the human heart needs to be explored further. Do register with this blog and share your ideas. This is a developing and dynamic idea. 

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Winwineconomincs360 - Go Green

Living in an environmentally sustainable way is not longer a choice; it is perhaps the only solution left. Some have realised it and other’s will, hopefully sooner later than later. The fire in the house has started and will in all likely hood burn down everything unless the house dwellers do something about it. Denial or playing down the danger is the last thing that is needed now. Everybody needs to do his or her best to douse this fire. Some with more resources can do more, some with limited resources may be able to do less; the quantum of pain and concern, however, must be the same in every human heart.

What does “go green” mean. 
To my mind, in the context of winwineconomics360 it means accepting the importance of the 3 R’s, protecting the Earth’s green cover and rapidly adjusting our lifestyle.
Let us choose to live a simpler life led more by needs and less by wants. Let us reduce what we need to take away from Earth.
       Let us try to reuse things over and over again as long as they are usable to us in some relevant form or the other. 
      Let us try to develop, identify and cooperate with recycle systems that help consume our waste meaningfully, usually converting them into something usable again. 
      Let us show our preference for consuming renewable energy and reducing carbon footprint.
       Let us drastically reduce or move away from products that involve the felling of trees.

Each person will have his or her own pace and level of acceptance of these principles. But let us make a beginning. As consumers a change in our consumption behaviour will make a difference to the manner in which Earth’s resources are being utilised. We can make our expenditure count for more and make it send the right signals.

The urgency:

In the heart of our hearts, we know that the time is running out and we need to adapt quickly. Our delay will make life very difficult for the coming generations. The irony is that such a change cannot be forced. There can be a force exerted through legislation or by the manifestation of testing situations in our environment, however, without the need being truly felt in the human heart, things will not have truly changed. External forces can only extract unwilling cooperation. These issues of consumption are very difficult to regulate through external authority and perhaps it undesirable to do so too; acknowledging the need to live a life in symbiosis with nature is the only true way forward.

Let us begin by taking the small but relevant steps. We need to change our inner thought environment. Let us embrace change and development programs that will enable us to bring about this change. (See our post in this blog: Winwineconomics360 - Learning and Development Programs.) Externally too we can make choices that matter. To name a few:

Can we not choose to buy products made from eco-friendly and sustainable technologies? 
Can we shift to consuming renewable energy such as solar generated in our own backyard and terraces? 
Can we not grow some part our food consumption in an organic way? 
Can we not accept some inconveniences for a greater cause?

Our intended contribution
We intend to create a forum for the exchange of ideas, products and services related to this issue. We will also suggest and make available products and services that are aligned with the cause of “Go Green”. 

Want to join this wave?
Register to receive updates from us on ideas, products and services that support this call. If you have good recommendations, let us know. We shall evaluate them and then spread the word.
We will together raise waves from our homes, let it "infest" our neighbourhoods and  let it further spread as far as it can.

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Winwineconomics360 - Buy True Value

WinWinEconomincs360 - Buy True Value

What are True Value  products and services?

Simply put they are quality products and services that deliver on what they promise.They are continuously looking at ways to become more efficient, upgrade their quality and provide a better consumer experience.Their pricing is kept as reasonable as possible to allow maximum people to benefit from their use and at the same time ensure businesses are kept healthy and profitable.

Selling bad quality products just on the plank of cheap price, dumping products at unsustainable low prices to cause disruption, marking up prices so that only a few can afford; do not pass the litmus test of True Value.

True Value is a cardinal principle of WinWinEconomics360 that supports excellence and an urge to be fair in pricing.

Why should you buy True Value?

Producers make what consumers will buy.

Let's give thumbs down to bad quality even if it comes cheap;let's demonstrate some self-respect.

Let's give thumbs down to products and services that do not deliver what they claim; let's demonstrate that we value the trust we invest.

Let's give thumbs down to products that are priced high and not backed with similar quality differentiation; let's demonstrate that we know how to reward true human effort.

Let's give thumbs down to "dumping"; let's demonstrate our will to protect fair businesses.

Let's make our expenditure count and yield more. It is akin to using sprinklers or drip irrigation method to water your garden against using a hose pipe. More results from use of lesser resources.

When we choose a True Value product or service we ensure that we utilise our personal resources better. We will extract greater value from every unit of resource we spend, freeing up the possibility of using the saved resources to generate more meaningful movement in the economy. We send strong signals to the manufacturers and service providers to think win-win.

How can you contribute?

We are inviting you to a group of  like-minded individuals who endorse the idea of dealing in True Value goods and services. Do subscribe to this blog and you are a part of the team. Of course, you can exit any time and we would respect your privacy completely. Feel free to join, leave, rejoin as many times as you like. The idea of winwineconomics360 has no doors or windows.

You will get mailers from me inviting you to contribute your thoughts, refer True Value products and services, receive information about True Value products and services, give your feedback on the use of products and services that we recommend etc. You will also receive emails in relation to some other key principles winwineconomics360 supports.

We are just beginning this journey and we will "build on" as we "get along". Enjoy the build up with us and participate as best as you can.

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Friday, 4 November 2016

WinWinEconomincs360 - Win Win Learning and Development Programs

No building worth its name can be built on a weak foundation. Economic growth based on principles of natural, inclusive, efficient and harmonious growth that winwineconomics360 advocates looks like a pipe dream in comparison to how things are today. However there is an encouraging philosophy that anything big always begins small. The need of the moment is to generate an atmosphere of awareness, learning and training to empower those who are convinced and are willing, to make difference. 

WinWinEconomics360 is a micro level effort and believes in taking steps that matter; even if they are small and only local in effect. It may not qualify as a new economic framework, but one thing is for sure; as more and more people start cooperating with and begin applying these principles, the current imbalances resulting from unsustainable and skewed economic growth can be to that extent be corrected .We would have done our part.

Win- Win Learning and Development Programs will  help achieve these objectives.

The Pyramids of needs.
In this context, I present the 8 level model of Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs.

Win Win Learning and Development Programs  will seek to  empower participants to identify and satisfy 3 sets of needs described in the above chart – Basic needs(Physiological and Safety), psychological needs(Love/Belonging, Esteem, Cognition, Aesthetics) and self-fulfillment needs(Self-actualisation and Transcendence).

Having taken care of our other needs we need to be in the self-actualisation and self-transcendence space as soon as possible and operate from there. We need to move up the pyramid using both, the forces of evolution and personal efficiency.

The area of our life’s meaningful effectiveness

 All of us looking for meaningful outcomes from our life. The extent of outcomes in our life can be increased or decreased. Further, the outcomes we generate in our life need to be of value to us and as such should be in areas that are of concern to us. The extent of meaningful outcomes in our life can be mapped as the area of intersection of 3 circles.

Circle of Concern – Goals, Situations, Events and People we care about
Circle of Influence – Situations, Events and People who I can influence to large degree
Circle of Effective Action – What we do to move things in our intended directions.

We can visualise that the area of intersection can increase when there is growth and/or integration of one or all the 3 circles.

Win Win Learning and Development programs are a selection of formal and semi-formal programs which will help you both expand and integrate these 3 circles.  These programs intend to fire the hearts with ideals that are critical to human evolution; they train minds to be exceedingly efficient in execution; they strengthen the human will to convert ideas into realities.

The 7 S’s of Learnings.
Seen from a micro perspective learning and development programs suggested here will inspire and empower people with the following 7 S’s  of growth.

Some other programs will bring more awareness, raise vision and motivate.Some of the programs that we recommend will actually seed the hearts and brain with these changes and let them flower from within. They will not only recommend change but will actually bring about this change.  Some of the above engagements may be free and  some may be chargeable but all serve the cause of a win-win evolutionary life.

How you can participate.
Wish to receive information on such programs?  Subscribe to the blog. We will keep you updated.

Current list of recommended learning and development programs.

Heartfulness:     This offers a system of meditation and a way of life, spearheaded by principles of Raj Yoga. It involves use of thought power to transform ourselves. The practice seeds your inner self with true change potentiality  and with time you will see these changes flower into your life. The system leverages your cooperation exponentially and lets you naturally integrate with principles of excellence, peace and harmony. This is a worldwide offering and the practice of meditation is free of charge. I have myself been practicing this meditation for last 20 years and endorse it completely. The practice of meditation is absolutely free.

Brighter Minds:  This is a child development program which works on key learning and character traits of the child. It uses the latest research in the area of neuro- plasticity and brainwave entrainment to greatly enhance the cognitive faculties of the child. It works with children to that make their hearts more open and loving. The program also sensitizes the parents on important aspect of parenting. If the child and parent really participate in a meaningful way the child will develop some amazing and unbelievable cognitive and super-sensory abilities. You will observe effective and evolutionary character traits emerge from the child. This is a paid program. My own child has gone through this program and I recommend it.

Disclaimer: All claims of effectiveness of programs are as per my understanding, experience and research. All published information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Effectiveness of any self development program is based on an individual's physical condition, mind set and his or her's effective participation in the program. Please understand these nuances with the agencies that are offering these programs in detail, before participating in any of the recommended programs.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

What is Win Win Economic 360

Hello Visitor

A warm welcome. I am Vishal Ganeriwal.

I am passionate about the idea - "live life win-win".

For me the principle of win-win means a life on Earth where all live in peace and harmony; where economic activities are based on principle of inclusive growth; where growth is leveraged through sustainable technology; where products and services deliver true value and not mere perceptions; a health system that is based on tenets of holistic healing and universal affordability; a culture based on simplicity of thought and expression; an education or learning system that shapes our value system and skills to enable us live life in a win-win way.

Does the above sound like a list of idealistic impractical assertions. Yes, they are if seen from an immediate "universally applicable" perspective. If we limit their application to the area that really matters ie doing the best possible in our own circle of influence, then they are very much practicable. With each part of the whole changing, there will come a time where the threshold number will be crossed and these principles will achieve universal acceptance and applicability. Have you heard of the 100th monkey experiment?

Win Win Economics 360 is a term to describe the economic principle of  a win-win life.
A paradigm with which I associate following 4 high-level principles.

1. Inclusive and Equitable growth that also promotes enterprise.
2. Dealing in True Value Quality products and services.
3. Use of Sustainable and Eco-friendly technology.
4. Take pride in the 3 R's: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Why 360?

The term 360 reminds me of a circular dimension. The circular shape represents the idea of  infinite expressions, connections, applications. It is a figure which is at the same time both rigid and flexible;  static and dynamic; open and closed. So is the principle of Win-Win Economics 360 similar in understanding and implementation. I hope more like minded will join in and make this seed idea grow.

Why WinWineconomincs360?

This is an attempt to something about the big problem of inequalities,wastage of resources and the skewed curve of  human welfare that is staring us in the face. This is an attempt to trigger individual level introspection and participation to do something positive even if they are just small steps. It is a call to make a start.Winwineconomics360 is an effort to create a thought and action forum. Those who agree can also try to come together and try to put into action some of these principles.

How can you participate?

For starters subscribe and agree to receive updates from this blog. We will discover opportunities to work together and make a meaningful contribution. All my blogs will be having a common undercurrent -  Live Life Win Win.

Want to know what inspires my thoughts and action........check out what is Heartfulness